Top Ten Skate Videos Of All Time

Showcasing the latest styles and tricks, videos are a huge part of the skateboard industry. Every year a shit ton of videos come out, but these in my opinion are the best of the best. Now I know for a fact that alot of you won’t agree with this list, and you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how gay or wrong you are. My advice: make your own top ten on your own website, doucheface!

10. Welcome to Hell – Toy Machine

This video has a great soundtrack, and even better skateboarding! From the smooth style of Donny Barley to the pure power of Mike Maldonado, each section is more epic than the last. I would have to say the slam section is easily one of the gnarliest I’ve ever seen, so be warned…..By the time you see handrail-killer Jamie Thomas at the end, you’ll definitely be hyped to go skate.

9. Fulfill the Dream – Shorty’s

With a definite hip-hop flavor, this video perfectly blends technical skating with big gaps and rails. It begins with the whimsical and quirky Steve Olson, which is worth watching even if just for the insane roof-to-rail transfer. One of my favorite parts of all time, “Best Style” award winner Peter Smolik steps up with some flip-in flip-out shit that will blow your mind. Not to be forgotten, Chad Muska unleashes his big ledge/gap assault and reminds us why he was the shit in the 90’s.

8. The End – Birdhouse

The End is Birdhouse’s high-cost brainchild of a project offered to all you skate-hungry kids out there. The video, shot entirely on 35mm, features a pre-Baker Andrew Reynolds fucking ripping, as well as Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek getting all vert on that ass.  My favorite section though would have to be the shared part of Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein, as they destroy (literally) everything that gets in their way with their van and then set up a jump ramp to skate a variety of signs, a bus stop, and even a gas pump. Each skater also has a Hollywood caliber skit that serves as an intro (and/or closing) to his part.

7. Trilogy – 101, World Industries, Blind

Okay now this one really fucked me up (in a good way) when it first came out. The opening 101 part is just dripping with steez, Gino Iannucci‘s part easily fits into the “Legendary” category and Jason Dill exhibits his usual wackiness. Ronnie Creager and Lavar McBride dominate the blind section, with smooth lines and crazy technical flavor. Last but not least is the World Industries team, and Kareem Campbell comes through with the best part in the video. His song is still dope, and the switch hardflip over the picnic table is still sick as hell.

6. Baker 3 – Baker

Andrew “The Boss” Reynolds has put together one of the best teams in the history of skateboarding, and this video is a testament to that. The soundtrack kicks all kinds of ass, and the skating is phenomenal. Erik Ellington starts the shit out, and his Backside Bigspin down the carlsbad gap is still impressive. Antwuan Dixon and Jeff Lenoce both have some hammers, and Kevin “Spanky” Long is just plain fun to watch. The sketchy style of Jim Greco never gets old, you can tell he always goes for broke. Ending the video is 360 flip champ Bryan Herman, and when you watch it you’ll see why he got the last part.

5. Fully Flared – Lakai

Over 4 years in the making, this video features more legends than I can count. Technical master Mike Mo Capaldi starts the shat off right, his last trick is guaranteed to melt your face with its steezy goodness. Veterans Mike Carroll and Rick Howard prove they still have the game on lock, as well as Eric Koston and always smooth  Marc Johnson. Almost everyone knows by now about Guy Mariano‘s part, which won “Best Street” and “Best Video Part” at the 2007 Transworld Skateboarding awards.

4. Questionable – Plan B

Even though the styles in this one are outdated, the innovation alone of the skaters in this video make it a must-own. Pat Duffy was definitely a pioneer in the field of handrails. He was breaking new ground every time he went filming, all the while making it look so fucking easy. The supreme high commander of technical skateboarding, Rodney Mullen will school you in the art of flippery. Although kinda sketchy, Sean Sheffey has such a unique style and swagger that will have you mesmerized.

3. Sorry – Flip

I still watch this video all the time. Mark Appleyard is always on point, and here is no exception. His style is unarguably one of the best ever. Tough as a motherfucker, Geoff Rowley is overall the most gnarly on the team. Having some of the biggest tricks in the video, he shows his consistency with some smooth lines as well. What can you say about Tom Penny that hasnt been said a million times. His mini-ramp technique has got to be the best in the world, and his street skate is hypnotic. Even watching him kickflip on flatground is magical. Almost dying twice during shooting the film, Arto Saari gave his all for this and you could tell. He was on a mission for crazy footage for sure, and he brought us all along for the ride. Sick as shit.

2. Mouse – Girl

Having Spike Jonze direct a skate video was a stroke of brilliance. I played this video until the tape broke when it first came out, and yes that means it was a VHS tape you DVD bitch! Gino Iannucci and the now passed Keenan Milton shine bright with their ledge mastery, while Rick Howard and Mike Carroll always have rad lines for days and days. Almost everyone agrees that Guy Mariano is an Icon, his casual grace and trick selection are unmatched in skateboarding. I really need to find a copy of this vid, and so should you if you haven’t seen it.

1. Search for Animal Chin – Powell Peralta

Still my favorite after all these years, this was actually the first video i ever saw. It follows the adventures of Tony Hawk and the Bones Brigade team as they travel in hopes of finding the elusive Won Ton Animal Chin, the first thrasher to ever hop on a board. Along the way, they tear up everything from the streets of Chinatown, to launch ramps in a park, to empty hotel pools, to big fuckin’ vert ramps in the desert. The format of this video is like a porno, lots of action sandwiched by a lot of bad acting. The entertainment value and pure style of this shit never gets old to me though.

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  1. Joe Cool October 5, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Nice list. I’ve seen a few of those, now i have some more to check out. Don’t forget “Girl – Yeah Right” that intro is one of my faves. Peace!

  2. Barry February 3, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Off the top of your head can you tell me which skateboard movie ends with the guys finding a double sided skate ramp out in the middle of nowhere that has a hole in the middle of it to join both sides?

  3. evan cheek April 20, 2011 at 10:53 am

    skateboarding is my life.