Go Skateboarding Day – A Brief History and Overview

Ditch everything but the skateboard, that meeting with the folks, forget it, and hit up the park, your local skate spot, or that abandoned pool next door in that foreclosed home, and just watch out for the 5-0 because they will be watching today. June 21st, the summer solstice in most people’s minds, is also another hot topic day, Go Skateboarding Day. With the longest period of daylight of the year, today was created back in 2003 as a day for skateboarders around the world to come together and join in their favorite pastime. No matter where you are in the world, today is reserved for any and all to grab a skateboard and have fun.

Back in 2003 from its beginnings, this day was created with the skateboarder in mind, bringing together one and all to engage in or even learn how to skateboard. Thanks in most part to the International Association of Skateboard Companies; today is now a holiday to skateboarders all over the world. While most are at work, or sitting in front of their television on the couch, skateboarders have been coming together over the past few weeks if not months making plans for today.

If you have ever been skateboarding, you know the thrill and excitement that comes with the freedom of the skateboard underneath your feet, well that is, after you learn to balance it between you and the ground. But once you learn the basics, the world has a new view; the view from the skateboarder’s eye is completely different from those who only know of the world on their feet.

Today is a day to inspire anyone to take up that skateboard, beg, borrow, just get one in your hands, put it on the ground and stand on it, learn to control the skateboard, you may fall, but that comes with the territory. Every skateboarder started out the same. Learning how to control the somewhat unwieldy piece of board on wheels at their feet. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless. Some use it for transportation; others find an amazingly exhilarating sport that changes them for life.

June 21st is the day where skateboarders come together to do what they love, and to get others informed about what is going on in their circle of life. Today is an offering into a glimpse of a different lifestyle from the norm. Somewhere in your vicinity, there is a group of skateboarders who have made plans for today, be it at their skate park, or anywhere with a surface suitable for skating, they are congregating and shredding the land with their skateboards.

Don’t let June 21st slip by without skateboarding on Go Skateboarding Day! Learn more about skateboarding and the history of skateboarding from SkateboardingSkateboards.com.


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