Chad Muska’s Evil Bearded Twin Gets Arrested in Hollywood

We just saw this on TMZ this morning. Allegedly, what seems to be an intoxicated Chad Muska was arrested in Hollywood for tagging his name “MUSKA” on a Coffee Bean and “MUSKA KILLS” on the El Capitan Theater last night. According to the TMZ report, Chad Muska was detained by security guards at the Roosevelt Hotel around 2am until LAPD showed up. Chad Muska was then arrested and booked for felony vandalism charges. Chad Muska is currently being held on $20,000 bail.

Watch the video of Muska’s arrest on TMZ – CLICK HERE.


Chad Muska Arrested

Some of us here at Skateboarding Skateboards have skated with Chad Muska in Phoenix, AZ back in the day and from what we see on this video he seems out of it. The gnarly beard may be influencing him to do some pretty crazy things (kidding of course).


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