Safe Spot Skate Spot in Phoenix, Arizona Opens July 16th, 2011

Just got word today from the City of Phoenix Parks Development and Planning Division that Rob Dyrdek’s Safe Spot Skate Spot (Safespot Skatespot) will open July 16th, 2011 at the Cesar Chavez Park in Phoenix, Arizona (35th avenue and Baseline Rd). (more…)

Awesome Fingerboarding Video

You think you have fingerboarding skills? Check out this awesomely done fingerboard skateboarding video. (more…)

Top Ten Skate Videos Of All Time

Showcasing the latest styles and tricks, videos are a huge part of the skateboard industry. Every year a shit ton of videos come out, but these in my opinion are the best of the best. Now I know for a fact that alot of you won’t agree with this list, and you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how gay or wrong you are. My advice: make your own top ten on your own website, doucheface! (more…)

How to Play the Game of SKATE

SKATE or S.K.A.T.E. is one of the most popular skateboarding games that is modeled after the basketball game called HORSE. The skateboard game can be played with as many skaters as those playing like, but typically there are only a few playing against each other. The idea behind the skateboarding game SKATE is that the skaters playing take turns trying to land tricks that the other players cannot. Once one skater lands a skateboard trick, the other skaters has to land the same skate trick, or he or she earns the first letter of the word SKATE. Once a skater spells out the entire word SKATE, that skater player loses. It’s a super simple but fun game to play against your friends or others at skate spots. (more…)

New Shake Junt Gear, Shirts and Accessories

If you don’t know about Shake Junt by now, then you better ask somebody bitch! Always keeping it g-code, they’re busting out with some new shit for the new year. The shirts are lookin super fresh, particularly the Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski signature Chicken Bone designs. (more…)

Top Ten Reasons To Ride A Skateboard

People skate for different reasons, but most people ride for one reason: Skateboarding is Fucking Magical! It’s not just a sport, but a whole culture. It’s inspired everything from music and movies, to video games and fashion. So, with that being said, here are some more reasons to get a shred stick.

1. It’s fun…duh

Even just cruising down the street doing flatland tricks excites my nether region……just kidding

2. Girls like it.

Do a 360 flip in front of most chicks and watch their panties drop.

3. Dirtbikes are gay

Sure they’re fun for an hour or two….just don’t buy Dickies and turn into a “Bro”.

4. Being a Rockstar is overrated

Everyone and their mother plays guitar now thanks to Rock Band.

5. Video games get boring

Unless you smoke a ton of pot. Then you probably don’t skate much anyway.

6. It gets your fat ass outside

If you’re already skinny, then good for you motherfucker!

7. Make crazy awesome friends

Way better than hanging out with the guy next door who watches UFC and listens to Linkin Park. To me skaters just tap into this “coolness” that not many other people do.

8. Exploring and interacting with the city

Skaters see all the crazy places in a city, like behind stores, alleys, abandoned buildings, etc…..Every time I go skate it’s still an adventure.

9. The way it feels to land a big trick

You never forget. People who don’t skate will never understand.

10. You get exposed to awesome music and art

Through skate videos and magazines, you’ll see and hear some of the most creative artists out there. I’ve found so many bands from watching videos.