Phoenix is Getting a 2nd Rob Dyrdek Safe Spot Skate Spot

Rob Dyrdek Foundation Safe Spot Skate Spot

“I am extremely proud to open our second Safe Spot Skate Spot in the great City of Phoenix,” said Rob Dyrdek, the Founder and President of the Rob Dydrek foundation and Street League Skateboarding (SLS).

You heard it right! After reaching out to the City of Phoenix Parks Development and Planning Division, we’ve learned that the Rob Dyrdek Foundation along with Street League Skateboarding have donated another round of funding, $50,000, to help build the second Rob Dyrdek Safe Spot Skate Spot skateboarding park in Phoenix, Arizona. (more…)

The 10 Best Skateboarding Games Of All Time

Like skateboarding itself, skateboarding games have come a long way in the last couple decades. Games like Skate or Die and 720 became staples of the 1980s and with the advent of the Sony Playstation, the Tony Hawk series took games to a whole new level.

We still have a special place for the classics, as well as the new games that continue to push the boundaries of gaming. Here are a few of the best skateboarding games ever made. (more…)

Bones Brigade Halloween Costume

Each Halloween, The Daggers, a local Arizona based BMX group, throws a bicycle-mounted scavenger hunt throughout Tempe, Arizona called the Dagger Death Race. (more…)

Chad Muska’s Evil Bearded Twin Gets Arrested in Hollywood

We just saw this on TMZ this morning. Allegedly, what seems to be an intoxicated Chad Muska was arrested in Hollywood for tagging his name “MUSKA” on a Coffee Bean and “MUSKA KILLS” on the El Capitan Theater last night. According to the TMZ report, Chad Muska was detained by security guards at the Roosevelt Hotel around 2am until LAPD showed up. (more…)

Go Skateboarding Day – A Brief History and Overview

Ditch everything but the skateboard, that meeting with the folks, forget it, and hit up the park, your local skate spot, or that abandoned pool next door in that foreclosed home, and just watch out for the 5-0 because they will be watching today. June 21st, the summer solstice in most people’s minds, is also another hot topic day, Go Skateboarding Day. With the longest period of daylight of the year, today was created back in 2003 as a day for skateboarders around the world to come together and join in their favorite pastime. No matter where you are in the world, today is reserved for any and all to grab a skateboard and have fun. (more…)

May He Rest in Peace: Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn, Jackass star and actor, passed away early this morning in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania when his car crashed into the woods. Ryan brought countless laughs to people world wide and he was loved greatly by the skateboarding community. (more…)